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    Market Partners have 10 ways to earn with their MONAT business.

 1. Sell MONAT, earn Sales Commissions-

           Customer Retail Sales 30% commission

           VIP Customer Sales – 15%  commission

    2.Sell MONAT, earn Personal Sales  Bonus

           3% - 10% of your Commissionable Volume (CV),

           for personal sales of $1000+ in a single month

    3.Depending on your Paid-As rank for the month,

         you can earn bonuses up to 4 Levels deep.

        Level 1: 7% - 12% of the Commissionable Volume (CV)

        Level 2: 3% - 7% of the Commissionable Volume (CV)

        Level 3: 3% - 5% of the Commissionable Volume (CV)

        Level 4: 3% of the Commissionable Volume (CV)

   4.Rank up to a new career level, earn Rank Advancement Bonuses.

$100 USD / $150 CAD to $20,000 USD / $25,000 CAD for rank advancing.

   5.Help your personally sponsored MPs to Rank Up to a new career level,

           earn  Matching Rank Advancement Bonuses:

           $100 USD / $150 CAD to $500 USD / $600 CAD

     6.Group Volume Bonuses - Beginning at the rank of MMB-

            Paid-As MMBs+ can earn 2% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) on your                   Personal Group,

            Paid from you down to your next generation of MMB or above (Career Title).

            Personal Group is defined as everyone in their downline, down to, but not                   including the next career titled MMB or above.

       7.Generation Bonuses

           3% - 4% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) on up to 5 Generations,                            depending on your Paid-As rank.


       8.Share the value of the VIP Program, earn VIP Acquisition Bonuses

        $60 USD/$75 CAD for every four VIPs you enroll in a calendar month*

       9.Sponsor team members, earn Product Pack Bonuses

        $50 - $350 USD / $60 - $450 CAD for each MP you enroll with a Product Pack


       10.Do ALL OF THE ABOVE in the first three calendar months of business,

        earn SMART Start Bonuses

       $150 USD / $190 CAD per Block

       $500 USD / $600 CAD per MONATborhood(3 Blocks =a Monatborhood)

     When your personally sponsored team member builds a Block and earns a Bonus while in SMART Start, so do you!

       $75 USD / $90 CAD Matching Block Bonus


Everything you need to know about how to get paid through the compensation plan. 



Personalized Coaching

Self Development

Personalized Team FB Group

Team Incentives

Free Business Website

Detailed Action Plans

Social Media Training

Access to 100's of images  for  business  use

Product Training &



Business Support


Self Development


Personalized Team FB Group


Team Incentives


Free Website


Detailed Action Plans



Social Media Training



Compensation Training


Access to 100's of images  for  business use


Product Training &


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Our culture is extremely important to us, and our philosophy is simple: We are successful when we help others succeed. We are happy when we make others happy. We live and help others live with health, purpose, and joy.

We Build Beautiful Lives

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