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Delicious Ranch Chicken and Vegetable Bake: A Versatile Make-Ahead Meal!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Looking for a mouthwatering and easy-to-make dinner that the whole family will love? Look no further than this delectable Ranch Chicken and Vegetable Bake! With the perfect combination of tender chicken, flavorful vegetables, and your very own homemade ranch seasoning, this dish is sure to become a new favorite. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the simple steps to create this delightful meal with fresh potatoes, frozen green beans, and a savory ranch twist. Plus, we've got a time-saving tip for you - make two of these bakes, so you can have one ready to go in the freezer for a stress-free meal anytime! And guess what? You can even add carrots to this bake for an extra burst of color and taste.


- 2 lbs. bone-in chicken pieces (thighs, breasts, and/or drumsticks) - We opted for drumsticks in this recipe for a juicy and flavorful outcome.

- 1 pound fresh baby red potatoes or a bag of frozen roasted potatoes - If using fresh, you can leave the baby red potatoes whole if they're small or cut larger ones in half.

- 10 oz frozen organic green beans - These frozen green beans add a burst of color and nutrition to the dish.

- 1 cup sliced carrots - Adding carrots provides a sweet and colorful addition to the bake.

- 1 onion, chopped into large chunks - The onion complements the other flavors and adds a wonderful aroma to the bake.

- 1 tablespoon olive oil - Olive oil helps coat the chicken and vegetables, enhancing the taste.

- Homemade ranch seasoning - Use the amount according to your taste preference; feel free to adjust the seasonings to suit your palate.


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius) to ensure it's ready for baking later.

2. In a 9 x 13-inch baking dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray, place the bone-in chicken pieces, fresh potatoes, frozen green beans, carrots, and chopped onion. The variety of ingredients guarantees a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

3. Drizzle the olive oil evenly over the chicken and vegetables. This step helps lock in moisture and promotes even cooking.

4. Now comes the secret to elevating the flavors of this dish - your homemade ranch seasoning! Sprinkle the seasoning generously over the chicken and vegetables, making sure to coat everything thoroughly. Adjust the amount to suit your taste preferences, whether you prefer a mild or bold ranch flavor.

5. Toss the ingredients in the baking dish gently to ensure the chicken and vegetables are coated evenly with the oil and ranch seasoning. This step ensures that every bite is bursting with that irresistible ranch taste.

6. Slide the baking dish into the preheated oven and let it bake for approximately 1 hour. During this time, the chicken will become tender, and the vegetables will reach the perfect level of tenderness.

7. As a pro tip, always check the chicken's internal temperature to ensure it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius), guaranteeing that it's thoroughly cooked and safe to eat.

Make Ahead:

Why not take advantage of this delicious dish by making two bakes at once? Once you've assembled the second bake, cover it tightly with plastic wrap and foil, then freeze it until you're ready to enjoy it. Simply thaw the frozen bake in the refrigerator overnight before baking it according to the instructions. Having a prepared meal in the freezer is a lifesaver for busy days or unexpected guests!


With its tantalizing blend of fresh potatoes, frozen green beans, carrots, and homemade ranch seasoning, this Ranch Chicken and Vegetable Bake is a delightful and easy way to impress your loved ones at dinner time. The succulent chicken, tender vegetables, and enticing ranch flavors will leave everyone asking for seconds. So, why wait? Gather your ingredients and get ready to savor the fantastic tastes of this irresistible dish, with the added convenience of a make-ahead option! And remember, once the chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius), it's safe to eat, so enjoy it with confidence and delight. Don't forget to customize the recipe with your favorite vegetables for an even more personalized touch!

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